Guidelines for Increasing Participation of Children and Youth with an ASD in Extracurricular and Community Programs




Plan for Success


Challenges and Solutions





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Challenges & Solutions


Steps to success:

  1. Identify 3-5 challenges that will possibly create the biggest challenges for your child in the chosen activity.

  2. Copy and paste the challenge and suggested accommodations into the “My Plan” template

  3. Click on any links to template for the suggested accommodations and personalize them to your child and activity.

  4. Print and have fun!



Behavioral Issues

  1. Talk with coach about use of routine: warm-up then
    game then….etc.. Visual schedule (Template)

  2. Work with coach at using predictable transitions….basketball hear buzzer then go in to substitute player

  3. Talk with coach about limiting use of extraneous verbal instructions…keep it simple

  4. Arrange a visual prompt or signal for child and coach to allow child to request need for “break” prior to over stimulation (Template)


Poor Motor Planning:
difficulty with learning
new skills

  1. Start with an activity child is familiar with

  2. Pre-play activity with sibling or people familiar with child

  3. Use visual prompt for game sequencing (see template) prior to engaging in activity

  4. Have visual prompt available at even for reference if needed


Sensory Issues

  1. Brainstorm with child for things that help his/her system:
    weighted ball cap, ear plugs to muffle sounds, sun glasses,
    body snug pants to wear under uniform, etc.

  2. Complete sensory alert/calming activities (depend on need) prior to activity participation

  3. Provide coach with list of options of sensory activities to try and teach child how to request these

  4. Provide visual prompt or signal for child/coach to use when child need “break” for over / under stimulation



  1. Visual Schedule of Activity Time—

  2. Visual Cue Cards

  3. Verbal Reminders—2 and 5 minutes before transition

  4. Use Egg timer for child to monitor time themselves for transitions


Rigidity to Rules

  1. Participate in game/activity that adhere to boundaries and rules: baseball- 3 strikes you are out, 3 outs you go to outfield

  2. Provide “change” card to “substitute” other rule options

  3. During pre-playing, introduce exceptions to rules: baseball:
    popfly caught base runner can run if he tags-up on base verses no running on pop fly.

    Have coach provide rules specific to “league” activity


Concrete Thinking

  1. Talk with coach about using language that means what
    is said, avoid use of idioms:
    i.e. “hit the showers” does not literally mean physically assault the showers

  2. Teach child frequently used terminology for the game/activity…use pictures to help illustrate



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