Guidelines for Increasing Participation of Children and Youth with an ASD in Extracurricular and Community Programs




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Plan for Success

Match the Program to the Kid!
  Meet with Activity Facilitator
Extracurricular and community programs include activities everything from unstructured play time, dances and social events to day camps andorganized sports.

With a child with AS or HFA, it is important to match the child’s needs to the activity.

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How to Make the Match!

Come up with a plan and keep it simple.

  1. Identify 3-5 barriers that could impede your child's ability to fully participate in the activity.

  2. Identify 2-3 accommodations for each barrier that can help your child over come these difficulties. (click on accommodations for ideas.

  3. Make a poster/flyer using template that lists barriers and accommodations that will be available at each session for a visual reminder to your child and the facilitator of the plan.
Presentation for Other Children
  Follow up Meetings
Set up a 10-15 minute time before the first game or activity to present other children participating.

Click here for Sample Presentations and Ideas.

Set up a time to meet with facilitator after each session to quickly review how things went and make any changes necessary to plan to make next session/game smoother.

Use template provided to get feedback.



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