Guidelines for Increasing Participation of Children and Youth with an ASD in Extracurricular and Community Programs




Plan for Success


Challenges and Solutions





Parent Resources


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About the Project



Presentation to Children


(The whole presentation should take 10-15 minutes at most)

1. Have child introduce themselves – (or parent introduces them)

A. Hi my name is Bobby and I am on the soccer team like you guys.

B. I have something called autism. Autism isn’t something that you can get it was something I was born with. I’m not sick or anything, having autism just means that my brain works differently sometimes.

2. Tell children about challenges
Some of the things that I might have trouble with when playing soccer with you guys are:

A. Taking turns and knowing when it’s my turn to come out of the game
and let someone else play.

B. I sometimes have a hard time talking to other people and finding the right words to tell you something

C. Making my body work smoothly, so sometimes I look clumsy or might trip or fall.

3. Tell children about accommodations
So some things that we are going to do so that these things are not as big of problems are:

A. Use a yellow and green card that the coach will hold up – to help me know to get ready to take my turn out on the side lines - yellow will mean to get ready and green will mean to run off the field for my time out…

B. My Mom also made me a poster of the rules with pictures to help me remember what I can do and what I can’t.

C. I sometimes trip and fall because I can’t remember fast enough what the next thing I do with my body so I have picture cards that remind me that my mom holds up on the sidelines and I also practice the game plays with my dad before the game.

4. Parent facilitates conversation with all kids about things that they have in common with Bobby


A. Bobby might have problems rotating out of the game – do any of you like to play all the time and sometimes not want to take your turn to go out? I think all of us sometimes want to play all the time and not want to come out huh? Would the yellow and green cards help everyone to know to get ready you’re your turn to rotate out?

B. Remembering all the rules is sometimes hard for everyone—do any of you think the the poster of rules with pictures can help you remember just like Bobby what you can do and can’t

5. Close up
Ok – well we are excited that you all get to play soccer together and that you guys can help Bobby if he has some problems that he talked about so you guys can make sure that everyone is a good team player. If you have questions or problems you can always talk to coach Smith or you can come and talk to me – Bobby’s mom too. OK? Thanks so much I bet we are going to have one of the best teams out there this season!



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