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2012 State of Montana's Annual State Application under Part B of IDEA
2012 State of Montana's Annual State Application under Part B of IDEA

2012 State of Montana's Annual State Application under Part C of IDEA
2012 State of Montana's Annual State Application under Part C of IDEA

Montana Access to Outdoor Recreation (MATOR) Program
Montana Access to Outdoor Recreation (MATOR) Program

White House
Champions of Change

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Guidelines for Increasing Participation of Children and Youth with an ASD Guidelines for Increasing Participation of Children and Youth with an ASD

35 years of IDEA U.S. Department of Education Logo

 Guide to Success:
MT Developmental Disabilities Program
Guide to Success MT Developmental Disabilities Program Link

Military K-12 Partners Homepage
Military K-12 Partners Homepage

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516 N 32nd St, Billings MT 59101-6003
800-222-7585 * 406/255-0540
406/255-0523 (-fax-) * E-mail:

Serving children and families since 1984

PLUK represents the 30,000 families of children with disabilities and special health care needs in Montana, as well as serves as Montana's Parent Training and Information Center, the Family to Family Health Information and Education Center, and the Family Voices state affiliate.

Who Are We?
PLUK is a private, nonprofit organization formed in 1984 by parents of children with special needs in the state of Montana for the purpose of information, support, training and assistance to aid their children at home, school and as adults.

PLUK is an organization of parents and other caring individuals who serve families and individuals with disabilities of any age and at no cost.

PLUK was founded by parents who felt strongly that parents of children with disabilities need to band together to give each other information and support. It seemed foolish for each new parent to try to learn all over again what other parents already know and would willingly share. It also seemed important for parents to lend each other support because of the healing that takes place when people who share a common problem can work together to find solutions.

We are people with disabilities, parents, professionals, relatives, and friends who want to ensure that persons with disabilities participate in the community and have access to high quality educational, medical and rehabilitation services.

We are members of a statewide group that supports families in their desire to help people with disabilities lead productive lives.

What We Do
We become as well informed as possible about best practices in the fields of education, medicine, the law, human services, rehabilitation and technology so that we can insure that our family members and friends with disabilities have access to high quality services.

We willingly share information and emotional support with each other so that together we are stronger in our efforts to meet the challenges of disabilities and illnesses.

Values We Share
  • Full integration and participation of children and adults with disabilities at school, work, and in the community.
  • Support for families so that they can nurture their children in the home.
  • Empowerment of families and individuals with disabilities to make decisions about their lives.
  • Individualization of services to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities.
  • Access for persons with disabilities to education and technology needed to participate fully in community life.
  • Age appropriate activities for children and adults with disabilities.
  • High expectations for individuals who are challenged by disability or illness.
  • Collaborative efforts among parents, professionals and people with disabilities.
  • Use of language about people with disabilities which is respectful and recognizes their dignity and rights as full citizens.

Where Are We Located?
The PLUK office, library and computer lab are located on 32nd street in downtown Billings near the YMCA.
Contact Us!
We may be contacted by phone, TDD, fax, e-mail and in person. We also have a network of family support consultants in most of the major cities in the state serving all remote areas.

516 N 32nd St
Billings MT 59101

406/255-0523 (fax)
800-222-7585 (toll free)

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PLUK receives major funding through grants with the:
U.S. Department of Education
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration - HRSA